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The Works of the Artist Giuseppe Cuscona

Art Book

Wedged in the historic centre of the town, crossed by its median wall and in deference to these ancient works, is a building designed by the maestro Giuseppe Cuscona. This construction is soft in its rounded shapes, with waves in the masonry and curved terraces, combining Mediterranean tradition and the artist's own flair.

View the book with the History and Works of the Artist

This unusual structure has a hint of Gaudi and its interior serves as a retrospective of the master's work, from its architecture to the ceilings, from the multicoloured ceramics with exclusively produced metallic-based glazes blended at high temperatures, to the traditional and at the same imaginative wrought-iron designed by him.

All the rooms are embellished with paintings, drawings, wooden mosaic sculptures, ceramic statues, clothing and furnishing fabrics that bear witness to Giuseppe Cuscona's intense artistic life from his youth onwards.

In 2009 he founded the Cultural Association Giuseppe Cuscona "Science Art Show" and in 2010 the centenary of his birth, is published the book with its history and the collection of all his works.

to view the brochure of the Mostra Antologica pubblished on the occasion of the opening of the multifunctional room which is home to the Cultural Association Giuseppe Cuscona – Science, Art and performance. What a time, it was its Art Workshop.